Rochdale advertisers

  Rochdale Direct is primarily an A-Z Business and community directory, using Google maps to assist with locating Google mapped services in Rochdale and in the surrounding areas, on the internet, and via your mobile device. We can also assist in getting your business on the Google Map, this is a free service with our website building.

Advertising Business Services.

On our main website you can start with a basic business card advert from only £5 per month.

You can also increase your advertising exposure up to a full separate page on site accessible to your customers with price lists and promotional photographs.

You Tube promotional Videos

We have a You Tube business promotional video service, where we can build price menus with business product images. That can be used on your website, in store viewing, or as a reference point for sales online.

Start-Up Websites

We also offer other services such as Start-up Websites, this includes a domain name, includes a 1 year online contract renewable, these are basically a simple layout website of 3 pages or more in a similar style to this website, for businesses who haven't as of yet got a website to promote and support services offered, these start-ups, can be online in under 1 day and we offer an after sales service to up date your website.

Business Social Media Pages

We can build Social media Business pages, on Facebook, and help promote your business on this networking platform.

Mobile business Applications,

A relatively new area of Business promotion, that helps make your business more visible on mobile or hand held devices.

Our Service promise.

We are here to help promote your business, and can offer easy payment terms for such as websites and mobile business applications.

With a flexible after sales care package,

We have Facebook Social networking pages you can advertise free on. 


Rochdale A-z business services

Your Advertisement on sites.

Email your Business card, 

with required advertisement details.

We will post your advertisement,

You approve pay for the month, 

you can cancel any time.

We have a secure payment method

 via PayPal accepts all major cards.


£ 5 

£5 Single unit or 1 months 

Business card advert with support.

please email with details. 


Placed in the page of your choice.

Free Business listings in Directory.

Free Advertising 

on our Facebook site.

Website Advertising Rates

£5 per month £20 for 6 months.

You can have your own page on our Website.

Full size business card with click link to your email etc. 

£10 per month £40 for 6 months

Full size banner appearing at the bottom of the page in place of Google advert bar  

£20 per month £80 for 6months 

You Tube

 Video for your website, Business, media site,                  we film and launch on you tube from £100 

easy payment terms.

Advertising rates from £5 per month.

Websites from £70

Facebook pages from £40

Mobile Business Apping from £100

easy payment terms.

Business Google mapping £20.

YouTube from only £100

Discounts for multi services.

New directories being built in the Northwest. 

All adverts are subject to approval 

Email Message with your business details  

 Directory Advertising.

Once your advert design has been approved, your business Advert will be placed here and on our social media pages on a rotation basis,all for only £5 pm.

Advertising is on a rolling month basis, payment is due 1 month after start date. and can be paid for on website. And can be cancelled at anytime.

Mobile Business App.

Your business details with website contact links, are uploaded into apple Google store application format for approval.

This will allow anyone with a Android or I Phone to upload your business details products services directly to there phone, where the shop app is included it will allow people to use there phone to buy products services directly through there phone.

It is advised to have supporting Website or social media page to enhance this service which supports video.

Social media Business pages.

Facebook we create the page, with information supplied. You have full access to this page we act as page administrators, and support any technical problems the page may have.

Service charged per month for support .

Google business mapping

We assist on placing your business on the Google map.

Photography YouTube Services.

These services differ to suit your business needs ie. promotional photography for a poster, or use on a website, video, YouTube promotion or Mobile App. Or virtual goods services store. 

Northwest Directories under construction. 

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