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Rochdale community

Community Centres 

Youth Services 

Rochdale Direct currently supports and promotes local community projects and services when and where we can, you can see more on Rochdale People on Facebook, so if you have a community or charity event to share. please post it directly to our Rochdale people Facebook page so we can share.

Community services. 

Rochdale community services
community events
Rochdale people

Ashworth Balderstone Bamford Belfield Buckley Buersil Burnedge Caldershaw Castleton Cronkyshaw Cutgate Deeplish Fieldhouse Foxholes Halfacre Hamer Healey Hurstead Kirkholt Lowerfold Lowerplace Marland Meanwood Newbold Nook Farm Norden Oakenrod Oulderhill Passmonds Prickshaw Rooleymoor Shawclough Smallbridge Smithy Bridge Sparthbottoms Spotland Sudden Syke Thornham Turfhill Wardleworth Middleton North south east west. Whitworth.


Community Centres

Some addresses may have changed and will be updated shortly.

Back door music group  Now Moved.

Smith St  Rochdale    01706 641944.

Bangladesh community

108 Ramsay St  Rochdale  01706  860349.   

Brotherod community house

8-10 Daniel fold  Rochdale  01706 647184.

Castlemere community

Tweedale St  Rochdale    01706 645200.

Crimble croft

Aspinall St Heywood Rochdale                    

01706 620340

Deeplish community

Hare St   Rochdale  01706 860151.

Demesne community

Ashby close,  Middleton  0161-653-2902.

Heady hill community

Whalley Rd, Heywood  Rochdale                 

 01706   365150.

Hollin estate community board

40 Nowell Rd Middleton   0161-645-6686.

Jumbo social centre

Grimshaw lane Middleton  0161-643-3046.

Kirkholt community

The Strand  Rochdale    01706 524660.

Meadowfields community assoc

Eafield Rd  Rochdale     01706 648005.

Sparth community

Norman Rd Rochdale     01706 527276.

Spotland community

96 Spotland Rd  Rochdale   01706 354151.

Spotlight on Falinge community

21 Whitehall St   Rochdale   01706 354447.

Syke community

Fieldhouse ind est Rochdale                         

01706 246666.

Turf hill initiative 

community centre

Neston Rd Rochdale      01706 750554.

Wardle Smallbridge community

Wardle Rd Rochdale         01706 353615.

Wardleworth community

Smith St  Rochdale        01706  342889.

Share your Groups events here.

We will be adding more Community services shortly so if you want to be included please send your contact details.

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Facebook groups Add yours.

Remembering cutgate 

Facebook and websites will be shared, promoted on relevant pages Free.

We will be adding more Local Facebook Groups on our Facebook page shortly please share your community group event business.  Facebook 


Rochdale based 24/7 Online support. 

Areas can be seen on our Map Our Past. com site 

Rochdale people

Rochdale is currently Offline awaiting funding. 

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