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Developers Blog 

Currently with so many Local social media projects
active, and new directories being built.
Whilst looking at new revenue sources. 

With changes in the Google and internet search engine structure now running with Social media search methods, the SEO on websites need rebuilding.

The mobile app market seems the way forward so this site and others intend to go fully mobile soon.   

Our Facebook Pages give more flexibility with posting and now has a good effect on SEO. 

Twitter is a useful tool yet, l still have issues with its lack of flexibility yet your either a fan of twitter or Facebook. 

I personally have used Facebook for 8 years and 1 year on twitter so there's still time. 


£ 2 

Donations for Development appreciated.

This supports our free development of Free charity sites such as the

disability Umbrella /

Heritage Google mapping. 

This site is active awaiting funding for improvements.

Testing Games for Website Application. 

Testing widget apps  

These numbers show views to this page only, Revolver maps is a Free app, and a useful tool. see it on our home page. codings easy to apply to your website.

if you have money to spend on your website  a visits to site app, with contact details is available.

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