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Facebook services 

Rochdale facebook

 We already have local directories online with social media sites and links. Which we have developed over the past 5 years, we intend to develop Rochdale direct in a similar style as a mobile friendly app, with maps and services. yet as styles change more user friendly Websites need to be built for mobile applications.  


Advertise for Free on our Business Facebook pages. 

 Our Facebook Pages

Rochdale People - Social page, News comps

Rochdale History - Information Photos

Rochdale Photography - photography, comps - Business

Business Northwest - Business group for sharing business posts and chatting 

Free Business Advertising 
on /Business Northwest.

  Your Facebook Page
A great way to keep business overheads low, 
Build your business online without the expensive costs of a website up dates.
Why? Cost? Low cost Advertising?
 You may use mail shots, what do you include on your leaflets?
Business name phone number website details, Facebook Page.?
If your leaflet is catchy, customers are more likely to look at your Facebook page first,   it has been calculated,  adults spend 1-2 hours social networking every day. 
We can build your Facebook page, with Graphics at low cost.
We already have Facebook Pages to promote your business.
We offer a support service, for your Facebook page.
 Free consultation.
We can build you a page from start, admin, improve your image, customer reach.
You may not use Facebook yet 1 billion people do.
Who could be looking at your business post via Social media now.
We can now build a Mobile App for your Business.

 Our Social Media Facebook Page 

Facebook  Social Media      

Rochdale Direct marketing       

Taking the work out of your Facebook page.

Your Facebook business page.

Facebook page - Banner & Links

Start up £60 inc first months daily administration, graphics, promotion. 

Promotion on our other Facebook pages.

  • Additional admin service, per month £20, promoting your page.

  • We admin for anti spam, Page members interaction, promotion, new sales, Set up, art and design are included in price.
  • We have additional website  Facebook services available

  • Or £80  for 6 months.  £150 for full year, 

  • We include full access for your business use.

We have easy monthly payment terms, for which ever service you require.

Facebook page Business promotion

we can build your business Facebook page.

Promote and market your business. 

please email for details or inbox  

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