Rochdale leisure services

Leisure Services 

Rochdale Leisure
Rochdale leisure services

 We already have local directories online with social media sites and links. Which we have developed over the past 5 years, we intend to develop Rochdale direct in a similar style as a mobile friendly app, with maps and services. yet as styles change more user friendly Websites need to be built for mobile applications.   

Along with mobile mapping and apping, we can build a virtual store for your business, with mobile applications for sales and services with social media marketing websites construction and google promotion for your business.

Leisure Services. 

Leisure Services. 

Touchstones Museum Esplanade Rochdale 

local museums

 Leisure services

Central Leisure Centre

Entwisle Rd, Rochdale, 

OL16 2HZ    01706 924213

Kingsway Park Sports Centre

Turf Hill Rd, Rochdale, 

OL16 4XA   01706 750894

Soccer Village Ltd

01706 644484

Wild House Lane,Milnrow,OL16 3TW

Hollingworth Lake Water Activity Centre

Lake Bank, Littleborough, 

OL15 0DQ    01706 370499

Heywood Sports Village

West Starkey St, Heywood,

 OL10 4TW     01706 924000

Sports Arena

Middleton Campus/Rochdale Rd, Middleton, Manchester, M24 6XH   0161-653 2070

Center Bowlee Park Sport

Windermere Rd, Middleton,  

Manchester, M24 4LA   0161-643 4907

Middleton Arena

Corporation St, Middleton,M24 1AG      

0161-662 4000

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 Rochdale Tourist Information

01706 924928
Touchstones Rochdale, Rochdale, OL16 1AQ

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