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Rochdale directory
Takeaways in Rochdale

  Along with mobile mapping and apping, we can build a virtual store for your business ,with mobile applications for sales and services with social media marketing websites construction and Google and You Tube video promotion for your business. 

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Rochdale restaurants

Free listings

 Aroma 01706 750200

389 Manchester Rd, Rochdale,OL11 3PG

 ‎Chunky Chicken 01706 344555
9A Milkstone Rd, Rochdale,OL11 1ED ‎

Domino's Pizza - Rochdale 01706 644448
Unit 3 Mayfield Retail Scheme, 
Albert Royd's Road, Rochdale, OL16 2UE ‎
Eastern Kebab House 01706 352828

170 Spotland Rd, Rochdale OL12 7AA ‎
Greenwoods Sandwich Shop 01706 640462
336 Bury Rd, Rochdale OL11 4EB ‎

JojozPizzaz  01706 341111
35 Drake St, Rochdale,OL16 1RX

Munchies Sandwich Bar  01706 342649 ‎
253 Rooley Moor Rd, Rochdale OL12 7EA ‎
Norden Spice Takeaway 01706 645454 
746 Edenfield Rd, Rochdale OL12 7RB 

Pizza Hut Restaurant 01706 354355 
Sandbrook Leisure Park, 
Sandbrook Way, Rochdale,OL11 1RY ‎

Rajs Palace 01706 715535
105 Rooley Moor Rd, Rochdale, OL12 7DQ ‎

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Mobile takeaway

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 The Chip Inn  01706 647003

10 Drake St, Rochdale,OL16 1LU ‎
 ‎ The Flying Fish  01706 525455 
17 The Butts, Town Centre, Rochdale OL16 1ES ‎

Tariq's Pizza Plus  01706 651444
233 Spotland Rd, Rochdale,OL12 7AG 

The Mighty Bite  01706 656130 
850 Manchester Rd, Rochdale OL11 2SP ‎

The Butty Shop     01706 750795 
744 Manchester Rd, Rochdale OL11 3AQ ‎

Tonys Chippy 01706 642975 
417 Oldham Rd, Rochdale OL16 4SZ

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  We already have local directories online with social media sites and links. Which we have developed over the past 5 years, we intend to develop Rochdale direct in a similar style as a mobile friendly app, with maps and services. yet as styles change more user friendly Websites need to be built for mobile applications. 

 Add your Business.Menus, maps, contact. Direct mobile orders. 

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